New facility to check students results online

Isobrand Infosystems RMS

The school is happy to announce the launch of an online results dissemination tool that will enable stakeholders be able to better track performance of individual students. This tool is referred to as the Results Management System (RMS). It has been designed in conjunction with Isobrand Infosystems Kenya to be simple yet functional so as to deliver result slips with little to no technical computer skills requirement. It is our hope that this system will more reliably deliver results as it is not prone to tampering and the ability to download and re-download performance transcripts any time as may be required. 

The RMS will be in such a way such that it provides comfortable viewing on any device including mobile phones of various screen sizes. Results obtained will be of a printable form and will include an allocation for parents and guardians to comment as feedback so as to enable the teachers to follow up during the term.


Recognizing that we are now living in the digital world where the internet is a gateway to infinite possibilities, we as South Tetu Girls High School pride ourselves in keeping with the times.

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