From the dean's desk

The foundation of any society and its future
is heavily based on the
beliefs, principles and values that the said society
inculcates on their young generation. 

South Tetu Girls High School aims at bringing out Ladies of Integrity after schooling in the institution. With their motto “Strive for Excellence”  it therefore becomes an obligation for each and every one of our student  to wok smart to ensure that the character and zest engraved in their great minds are incomparable with any other institution far and wide.

Some of the tools the school uses to measure the extent to which objectives of the given subjects/topics are achieved includes: – Rapid Assessment Tests (RATs), Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) as well as Complete Papers Examinations. As such there are usually three exams in Term 1 and Term 2  i.e CAT 1/Opener Examinations, Mid-Term Examination and End of Term Examination. Students sit for two Exams in Term 3 i.e Opener Exam/CAT 1 and End of Term Exam. After every Exam, results are analyzed stream based, Form based as well as for individual students where those who excel are appreciated.

The school takes keen interest to students who add value to the Entry behavior as well as those who keep on maintaining their individual improvement form one exam to the other. Parents receive the results of their daughters through the school sms system. With the school website in place now, receiving results has just been made easier. It will only be requiring the parents to key in the admission number of the student, select the exam in order to view and print the results at the convenient of the parent.

I want in a special way to recognize the support I receive my our able administration, the committed teaching staff and the dedicated parents. Let’s continue joining hands to support these girls since their success in education and future depends on the three pillars i.e Students, Teachers and the Parents and Almighy God Crowning all those pillars.

Together we achieve more


Githui Muriithi

Dean of studies